Indiandragon presents IRCTC Mobile,

An unofficial mobile application based on IRCTC Mobile Site.

IRCTC - Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

IRCTC is a copyright of Indian Government .


Book Tickets through IRCTC Mobile site using this secure and fast application.

This application differs from other application in this class in numerous ways like offering Landscape/Portrait modes, Early notification system, fast scrolling etc.

IRCTC Mobile

Basic features of IRCTC Mobile :

Why use this application ?

Though there are plenty of other applications using IRCTC Mobile site, this application offers extra features like,

. Offers Landscape/Portrait mode for user convenience .

. Offers early notification system to notify user if the IRCTC Mobile site is online to book tickets or if it is offline then to notify user so that you can book using computer.

. Optimized for better data caching ability.

. Smooth Scrolling.

Advantages of using IRCTC Mobile :

. Booking takes place through fast and secure IRCTC mobile website, No third party servers involved.

. IRCTC Mobile application can be used to book,cancel and check the status of the tickets.

Sreenshots : IRCTC Mobile (Android)

Version History :

Version 2.4 (Beta) : Some performance improvements.

Video Demo

Download :

Available for free from Opera Software :

License :

This is a  free application is based on IRCTC Mobile Site ( .

IRCTC is a copyright of Indian Government.

This application is free to distribute.

Why I have removed this app from the Google Play ?

I've removed it from google play as there are many IRCTC applications in Google play but with serious security risk. Read about it here - . App is available in Opera Software here after. See the download below.